Corso online

Corso gratuito di Gemmologia online su YouTube per dare un’infarinatura generale a tutti gli amanti delle Gemme Preziose e dei Diamanti.
Il corso di Gemmologia online si presenta con contenuti meravigliosi e ricco di spettacolari immagini delle Gemme, riprese direttamente dal microscopio.

Potrai vedere le Gemme più belle e più rare del mondo grazie all’alta definizione di una telecamera montata su microscopio professionale. Potrai osservare comodamente da casa le Gemme fino a 64 ingrandimenti.

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As data explodes in quantity and complexity, companies find it increasingly difficult to unlock its full potential.

Data Strategy takes a comprehensive approach to meeting the data challenge and transforming it into a lever of success.

We work with our clients to understand what drives total profit in their industry and to benchmark their performance against peers using our TSR diagnostic.

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  • We’ve advised in hundreds of technology cases across industries, and other hundreds more in which IT was the secondary focus.
  • Our proprietary approach is based on client experiences as well as technical expertise, external partnerships and cutting-edge insights.
  • Our world-class data strategy team is global, multidisciplinary and seamless.
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